natural moms connector breastmilk bag konektor pompa kantung asi breastpump

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Breastfeeding and pumping can be a time-consuming task and as a mother you have things to do. Pumping directly into your Breast Milk Storage Bag containers is convenient with the Natural Moms Breast Milk Storage Bag Connector. They will help you save time and milk by avoiding an extra step of transferring milk from a collection bottle. Enjoy your amazing breastfeeding moment with Natural Moms product advantages.

1. Universal Neck Connector
The connector is coming with wide neck converter. It can work with standard neck or wide neck breast pump using this additional converter accessories.
2. Food Grade Certification Material
Constructed of FDA approved food grade Polypropylene (PP). The clips adopt high-performance thermoplastic, POK, which can stand high temperature.
3. BPA-free
The clips are odourless and non-toxic, and they will not pose damage to babies.
4. Extended & Detachable Tube Design
The extension tube is not only adapted to multi-brand milk storage bag but also suitable for long neck storage bags to make sure every drop of breast milk is not lost.
5. Strong Hold
Using double notch deepening design, this connector reliable, easy to use and help keep your breast milk storage bags in place while pumping
6. Reusable
The clips can be used many times and fasten storage bags firmly.
7. Easy to clean
The clips can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

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